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of students often find themselves procrastinating


of students agreed that procrastinating affects their academic perfomance


of students agreed that procrastination affects their mental health

What is procrastination?

Procrastination has origin from the Latin procrastinatus, which itself evolved from the prefix pro-, meaning "forward," and crastinus, meaning "of tomorrow. It describes the irrational delay of actions that lead to subjective discomfort. A certain amount of procrastination can be quite normal.

How is it linked to mental health?

Once you start procrastinating, your workload will increase and you may start to feel struck by your never ending to-do list. As soon as you develop feelings of guilt or are exposed to higher levels of stress, procrastinating can have a negative impact on your mental health even leading to chronic procrastination.


What is our vision?

As part of the "TUM: Junge Akademie", Proactivation is a scientific project designed and conduted by a student research team. Our course will help you to study more efficiently, improve your time management skills and start living a healthier life.

Within nine short 5-minute videos we explain to you the scientific backgrounds of procrastination and provide you with hands-on methods and techniques to use in your everyday life. The goal of our project is then to analyse how this format helped you to overcome procrastination. Because we believe that education on those problems in combination with practical tips can make a huge impact on your mental health!

In order to develop scientific validated results we use a self assessment approach. Throughout the course you will answer a pre and a post questionnaire. The first 50 participants who finish all three questionnaires will receive 15€.

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